Dear tanguero friends,
We are delighted to announce the fifth edition of the International Trieste Tango Festival. This Festival combines the magic of tango with the distinctive cosmopolitan atmosphere of Trieste, where Italy and the rest of Europe have been meeting for a long time.

Guillermo Berzins, a professional Argentinian tango dancer and teacher from Buenos Aires and artistic director of GB Tango Academy who relocated to Italy in 2010, came up with this idea in 2013. As always, both the artists and the location have been carefully hand-picked to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Trieste is a town in the heart of Europe, where three territories that were part of the Hapsburg Empire meet: Italy, Austria and Slovenia. Its being situated by the sea has been the origin both of its trade fortune and the fascination it has exerted in the past and still holds for its residents and visitors alike. Precisely so that you can fully enjoy this side of its charm, the Trieste Tango Festival (TriesTango) is going to be located on Molo IV, a venue highly praised in previous years. The hall where the festival is traditionally held rests on a small pier surrounded by the sea. From it you can admire a town with an enduring Austro-Hungarian legacy, and notably Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, enclosed on three sides by magnificent historical buildings and looking out onto the sea on the fourth side.

Once again this year, TriesTango takes place over four tanguero days, from August, 31st to September, 3rd. World-famous artists will be gracing this year’s edition.

The two orchestras who are going to be the stars of the festival are: TANGO SPLEEN & BELTANGO.

The dancers who have been chosen for TriesTango’s fifth year are  CLAUDIO FORTE & BARBARA CARPINO, ROBERTO REIS & NATALIA LAVANDEIRA, e EZEQUIEL PALUDI & GERALDIN ROJAS.

Last but not least, the DJs selecting the music we are going to dance to are: Punto y Branca (Argentina), Fabian Feiguin (Argentina), Luigi Felisatti (Venezia), Janja Frank (Slovenia).


GB TANGO ACADEMY & Guillermo Berzins