In the magical Trieste (Italy), the International Trieste Tango Festival is back with its 8th edition. The main event will be held in the beautiful venue of Molo IV, entirely surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, creating a unique and unforgettable atmosphere!

Also this year, it will feature an international cast of the best Maestros, Tdjs and orchestras, workshops at all levels as well as new events such “La 12 ore Marathon”, afternoon milongas and the Sightseeing Tanguero… 5 days a puro Tango!

The festival was born in 2013 from an idea of GUILLERMO BERZINS, Argentinian choreographer, teacher and dancer who moved to Italy from Buenos Aires in 2010 and today he is the Director of the GB Tango Academy.

Thanks to the International Trieste Tango Festival, 2500 enthusiast tangueros, from more than 30 countries around the world, are encouraged and intrigued to discover the city: Trieste & Tango, an excellent combination that aims to combine culture and sociality.

This year the event enjoys the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture (CCIAA) of Venezia Giulia, the Argentine Embassy in Italy, the Argentine Consulate in Italy, the Italo-Latin American Institute (IILA) and the Argentine Association of Argentine Tango Teachers, Dancers and Choreographers (AMBCTA).

The days will feature the following international artists:

4 Orchestras:

the Tango Spleen sextet directed by Argentinean maestro Mariano Speranza with the talented singer Sarita Schena, the Beltango quintet directed by maestro Aleksandar Nikolic from Belgrade, the Silbando octet directed by maestro Chloë Pfeiffer from Paris and the Corazón de tango quintet directed by concertmaster Oksana Peceny from Ljubljana.

8 Maestros:

Roxana Suarez & Sebastián Achaval (Argentina), Lucila Cionci & Joe Corbata (Argentina), Alejandra Heredia & Mariano Otero (Spain & Argentina), Natalia Lavandeira & Roberto Reis (Argentina).

10 Tango Djs:

Horacio Luis Quota (Argentina), Carlo Carcano (Como, Italy), Fabián Fey (Argentina), Popul Castello (Bologna, Italy), Vincenzo Marino (Trieste, Italy), Paolo Vagliasindi (Trieste, Italy), Alessandro Simonetto (Trieste, Italy), Simone Pradissitto (Pordenone, Italy), Gabito Gomez (Argentina), Giuseppe Colabello (Treviso, Italy).